We have a new Chip Leader of the entire Day 1 flight.

Blinds: 1500/3000 – 3000 BB Ante

Robert “Bobzo” Le Roux opens up the betting under the gun to 7500

Daniel Lamberti 3bets from the Highjack to 22 000

Darren Kramer on the button 4bets the action to 55 000!

The action gets back to Bobzo who moves all in for 300 000!!!

Daniel folds and the action is back on Darren who has 280 000 chips, he makes the call

Darren: KK

Bobzo: AK

The Run Out:

Flop: 7 5 10

Turn: J

River: ………… A!!!

Bobzo has eliminated Darren from the tournament, 

His stack is now in excess of 580 000 chips!!!

Max Deveson and Ahmed Karrim get into a hand!

Flop: 3♥9♦2♠

The players get it all in, trying to build up big stacks for day 2 of the main event

Ahmed shows J♣9♥

Max calls with 3♠4♠

Turn 9♠, Ahmed turns trips but Max now has a flush draw

River: ………… 8♠, giving Max the flush and sending Ahmed to the rail

Friends off the table, competitors on the table!!

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