Xu opens the action up to 100 000,

Ben calls, spotlight is now on Fazel who decides its time to play for all of his chips – 457 000

Xu makes the call and Ben folds

Fazel shows Q♥J♥

Xu opens A♠K♦

Flop: 8♣3♥4♠

No help to Fazel

Turn: 5♥

This opens up an additional 9 flush outs for Fazel, who can now hit any Q, J or a Heart to win the hand

River: K♠

Eliminating Fazel Dawood as our Super High Roller Bubble

Welcome to the Final Day of our Super High Roller!

Hand 8 of todays play, Hennie raises the action up to 75 000,

Peter Sissou moves all in for 524 000

Kenny Morgan goes all in over Peter’s amount for 558 000

Hennie deliberates for a long time, eventually he makes the call

Peter: AQ

Kenny: 10s

Hennie: AK

We find ourselves in a race for the biggest pot of the Super High Roller this far!

Flop: 4 6 8 (For suits, please see the Live Stream)

Turn: Blank!!
Kenny needs to fade one more card for the Triple Up

River: …………… A♥

Huge River that gives Hennie the winning hand, eliminating two players in the process!

Well done Kenny and Peter for giving it a great effort

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