And then there were 6…

After an intense 2 hours of play and a quick break, 3 of the 9 last players have bust and we are left with the final 6 players.

The current leader is Brad Kibel with with 980k, the rest of the pack are not too far behind him. There is only one player that needs to exit before they are in the money, lets see who will make it in the money.

Can Brad keep ahead of his competitors or will they take down the leader?

Final 9!

We are finally here, the last table is set for the final 9 participants!

Having a look at the journey of the 4K Freeze Out, there were a total of 44 entrants and these are the only 9 remaining players. 

It has been a very long and hard fought battle for these 9 players with the average stack being 330k. 

The final 9 are playing to win a stack of cash totaling R56 179 for first place, R39 916 for second place and R26 611 for 3rd place! 

Who will be the winner and champion of 4k Freeze Out? 

Event Update – 1st Break

The players are currently on their first break of the evening, playing just over 2 hours of poker, so lets have a look at how the field is looking. 

Currently the chip leader is Zafar Hoosen with 374 000 chips with the blinds going up to 2500/5000 with a 5k ante. The field is sitting now at 32 players and its interesting to watch how these players are dealing with the field. 

Unfortunately our 90k winning of the Super slam Michael Rocco has exited the event early but I am sure we will see his name pop up some time through the rest of the stop. 

Welcome To Day 2!

Day 2 has started with the field stacked with some on the top players in the country! 

all of these players have come to firstly get to that final table but ultimately make sure they finish number 1. 29 players are still in the field there is still plenty competition to get through with the prize pool being well over R100k

Good luck to all the players today!

It has Started

The decision was made to change the PLO event to a freeze out just from the reception we had earlier in the week so if you feel like this is your game you should definately come down and join us at Time Square casino because this promises to be a great event filled with fun!

The buy in is R4k, the players are seated and the cards are flying around the table! Some happy faces around its going to be interesting to see how the second round of the Freeze out goes this weekend.


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