We Have A Winner!

A huge congratulations to David Rosenthal, who took a convincing win over his peers. He started the final table in the middle of the pack and built his stack all the way to the victory.

Rosenthal’s hand was 8♠ K♦

Rebelo’s hand was 5♥ Q♣

The flop landed A♥ 9♥ 8♥

The turn was 8♦

Lastly, the river was 2♠

Rosenthal won the final hand with trip 8’s.

This was after a very long, hard fought battle between Rosenthal and Rebelo, where Rebelo shoved 2 all-in hands prior, where he won the first on the turn and the second on the river.

Well done to all the players involved here are your final standings and payouts for this event:

1 David Rosenthal R66 393.60
2 Nolan Rebelo R47 174.40
3 Donny Metiv R31 449.60
4 Kevin Kalil R17 472.00
5 Keith Bishop R12 230.40

Day 2 Of 6 Max Has Kicked Off!

The final 6 are battling it out to win their share of the cash prize. Sadly Phia was the first to be knocked out. 

There is a lot of energy around the table so far and everyone seems to be cool, calm and collected, for now, but we are sure that this will change as soon as the table starts to heat up.

The current blinds are sitting at 8000/16000 with the average stack being 281 666.

There was a total of 42 entries into this competition so the final 6 had to fight hard to get where they are, lets have a look at what the chipstacks are for the beginning of the day:

1 David Rosenthal 521 000
2 Kevin Kalil 382 000
3 Nolan Rebelo 235 000
4 Len Freeman 221 000
5 Keith Bishop  178 000
6 Donny Metiv 153 000

Final Table!

We finally have our final table, these players have been playing very hard to get to this point, out of 42 entries these are our final 7:

1 Len Freeman 193 000
2 Lauren Phia 130 000
3 Nolan Robelo 317 000
4 Donny Metiv 307 000
5 David Rosenthal 230 000
6 Keith Bishop 192 000
7 Kevin Kalil 344 000

These are some big names of poker in South Africa so this is surely going to be a thriller of a final table!

Good luck to all these players. 

They will be fighting it out for a total prize pool of R174 720.00!

Catch all the action on our live stream.

Player Update

From a field of 42 entries and 16 add-ons we finally have 8 players left in the field of play. 

The players have been playing very hard to get to this point. With there only being 8 players in the field things are getting tight as all players left have the final table insight. 

Let’s have a look at the feature table’s chip-count:

1 Nolan Robelo  193 000
2 Evro Psilogenis 145 000
3 Len Freeman 105 000
4 Zita Vos 80 800
5 Lauren Phia 72 200

With the blinds currently sitting at 2000/4000 the short-stacks are going to run into trouble to stay in the event.

The prizes have just been announced:

1 1st Place R66 393.60
2 2nd Place R47 174.40
3 3rd Place R31 449.60
4 4th Place R17 472.00
5 5th Place R12 230.40

Good luck to the final players, if you want to follow the feature table please go to our twitch or youtube channel to watch the players live. 

Big Plays On Feature Table…

We just witnessed a 4 way all-in shove by Dobronic with A♣ 2♣, 

Karrim with A♥ 7♥

Kevin Kalil with 7♦ 6♣

Nolan Rebelo with 3♦ 3♣

After slow betting the pre-flop action, Dobbie was the first to shove all-in with everyone following suit shortly thereafter. 

The flop came 4♣ 5♦ 3♥

The turn was A♦

Lastly, the river was 9♦

Kalil won the 105K pot with the higher of the 2 straights on the table.

1st Break Breakdown.

After an intense 2 hour session,  some of your current chip-leaders are as follows:

1 Kevin Kalil 100 900
2 Bozo 91 500
3 Nolan Rebelo 63 800

The players are currently taking a quick break to regather themselves for the next 2 hour session, after which we will do the re-buys for another R2500 which will get them another 40k chips to add to their stack. 

Blinds are currently at 500/1000 with an Ante of 1000.

Winner of this morning’s Super Jam, George Levine has just joined table 9 so things are about to heat up to a new level! 

Keep your eyes open on the live stream and our live blog.

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