We Have Our Winners!

After a very difficult battle, our top 4 winners have claimed their share of the prize.

Our first finalist to fall was Frans Henning. Donny Mitev followed Frans not too long after. Dobbie Dobronic took a while to fall but shortly after Karima Walji also busted.

The final 5 played it out for many hours, sadly Zash fell and we were able to finish the game shortly after.

Your top 4 with winnings are:

1 Keith Bishop R43 680
2 Helmut Bohm R32 760
3 George Symeou R21 840
4 Melvin Chetty R10 920

Congratulations to everyone! 

Final 9 Fast Jam!

We are finally here! The final table for Fast Jam has just begun! These players had to outplay a bunch of other players to earn their spot at the final table.

We are currently sitting on 1000/2500 blinds with 20 min rounds.

The final 9 players will be going into a break soon and we will do a chip-count to determine the current standings.

Keep your eyes open on the website for live updates! 

Fast Jam Live And Kicking!

We have a great, aggressive event going on with Fast Jam. People are still joining the event as we speak!

Some info on the event:

-R4000 gets you 50,000 chips

-10 levels of re-entry and 20 min blind levels

-At the end of level 10, there will be a R2500 add on, getting you 75,000!

At the moment Keith Bishop is the overall unofficial leader with 20 minutes left until the break.

Get down here and try your luck in this fast-paced event!

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