Epic Finale 

Jarred Solomon and Daniel Lamberti battled it out until the end! 

Jarred finally bested Daniel but the final was nothing short of magical! 

Jarred and Daniel both shoved and these were the hands and the flop:

Jarred’s hand 10♦A♣

Daniel’s hand K♠ J♦

The flop came: 2♥ 7♣ Q♠ 8♦ A♦

Meaning Jarred won on a pair of Aces, whilst Daniel almost had a straight. 

Best wishes to all players, here is a breakdown of the winners:

1 Jarred Solomon R 681 120
2 Daniel Lamberti R491 920
3 Edgar Antezana R321 640
4 Ahmed Karrim R170 280
5 Nic Ioannou R132 440
6 Moto Uhara R94 600

3 Left and Break

Sadly we say goodbye to Ahmed Karrim who lost his stack just before the break. Ahmed was almost at the bottom of the chip-count until at least halfway into the tournament, where he managed to cement himself into the 4th spot, winning himself a chunk of R170 280!

Ahmed lost around 600k to Edgar’s quad 4’s against his pair of 7’s. 

Ahmed was then straight in the danger zone and went all-in the next hand.

His hand was 10♠9♠

Against Jarred’s 6♠6♦ (also all-in)

The flop was 7♦9♥7♣

The turn was 6♥

River J♣

Here is the count during the break:

1 Jarred Solomon 4 400 000
2 Daniel Lamberti 1 650 000
3 Edgar Antezana 1 320 000

Very well played Ahmed!

Then There Were 4

We have lost another player, that player being Nic Ioannou, Nic has had a superb tournament throughout and led the chip-count, or close to on many occasions. Nic has taken the 5th spot, securing himself R132 440.

Nic’s hand was A♠ 7♦ (all-in)

Daniel’s hand was A♥K♥

The flop was 2♠K♠5♠

The turn was 7♣

River was 6♣

A big congratulations to Nic!

Follow the live stream to see who is going to take the crown! 

Dinner Break

The players are taking a 1 hour dinner break so they can have a breather, get some food and refocus for the rest of the evening. 

The final 5 have played out of this world poker to get to this stage, these are the final 5 out of about 55 players! 

The chip count at the dinner break is as follows:

1 Jarred Solomon 2 865 000
2 Ahmed Karrim 2 570 000
3 Daniel Lamberti 1 600 000
4 Edgar Antezana 650 000
5 Nic Ioamou  560 000

Final Table Grand Slam

With the departure of Clive Kikia, we now have our top 6 set in stone. These 6 players will all be getting a chunk of change as they are now in the prize pool. 

The game is still far from over, so head over to our live stream to catch the feature table!

A few minutes after Clive, Moto Uhara has been eliminated as well, leaving only 5 players. 

Clive’s hand went as follows:

Clive picked up A♣A♥ and pushed the opponents to call. Ahmed left the chase early but Jarred kept up.

Jarred’s hand was 9♦3♦

The flop was J♦8♣10♦

The turn was 2♦

and the river was 6♠

Clive lost the hand to Jarred’s straight, with Moto also out, we can’t wait to see what is going to happen with the final 5!

Break Time

We have had some huge plays, seeing the bust of 2 players in 1 round. At the moment the table is pretty even and has slowed down somewhat seeing that the prize pool runs into 6th place, so all of the players are trying their best to make it into the pay-off spots.

The current chip leader is Nic Ioannou with almost 2mill chips, the question now is can he keep his lead? 

keep an eye out on the live stream to follow the event.

Here is a breakdown of the chip-count:

1 Nic Ioannou 1 975 000
2 Ahmed Karrim 1 640 000
3 Daniel Lamberti 1 390 000
4 Edgar Antezana 1 165 000
5 Jarred Solomon 965 000
6 Clive Kikia 660 000
7 Moto Uhara 450 000

Double Bust

Sadly we had a double bust with Johan De Graaf, Nawal Jaftha and Clive Kikia going all-in against each other.

Clive started things off with Q♠ Q♦

Nawal had A♠ Q♠

Johan had A♣ 9♦

The flop was 3♥4♠3♣

The turn was 5♥

and the river K♥

Clive tripled up with a pair of Queens.

Thank you to Nawal and Johan and best of luck to the rest of the table, as there are only 7 players left.

Final Table Is Set!

The day started off pretty slow and then all of a sudden we dropped 6 players within a matter of minutes.

Our final 9 players are all hoping that they can make it into the top 6 to cement their name into the prize pool and then eventually take the trophy!

We are currently on 8000/16000 blinds with a 45min level duration.

Best of luck to our finalists!!!!!

Just a quick re-cap the prize money is as follows:

1 1st R681 120
2 2nd R491 920
3 3rd R321 640
4 4th R170 280
5 5th R132 440
6 6th R94 600

Our Current chip count is as follows:

1 Ahmed Karrim 1 500 000
2 Nic Ioannoy 1 344 000
3 Daniel Lamberti 853 000
4 Edgar Etezana 842 000
5 Clive Kikia 603 000
6 George Levine 358 000
7 Nawal Jaftha 338 000
8 Johan De Graaf 312 000
9 Jarred Solomon 127 400

First Casualties

We have sadly lost our first 3 players of the day for the Grand Slam.

Among these players are David Rosenthal, Nahum Lum and Des Godfrey.

Godfrey shoved all in vs Ahmed Karrim, the hands were as follows:

Godfrey drew pair of 5’s ♠♥

Karrim drew a pair of Queens ♥♣

The flop landed A♠ 8♦ 9♣

The turn was 8♠

The river was 9♠

Karrim won the hand with pair of Queens.

Bad luck to the players who have been knocked out, but I am sure we will see you soon again!

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