Table Standings and Updates

The Mini Main has gotten to the stage where there are no more buy ins so we have our final 14 players that are now playing for the money! 

The players are playing for a first prize of just under R100 000!! These are some of the best players in the country going at it to try and secure a payment spot, which for this event is the top 6 places. 

good luck to all the players 

Mini Main Day 2

Welcome to day 4 of 12 here at the Time Sqaure stop of the tour. Today we carry on with the Mini Main where there are still 4 levels of buy in available with a R50k stack.

there are 17 players left in the field so competition is hot with some of the best poker players in SA going at it for a chance to win their share of the prize pool.

Good luck to all the players that are still in the field.

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