We Have A Winner!!

A massive congrats to Julian Baruffa winning himself the 1st place prize for the Freeze Out Event in 2019! He faught through a field of 130 players and got to the end being over 3 000 000 chips in the lead.

Julian won himself R109 898.00 for 1st place.

Final 3

He won the final hand with 8♣ 9♣ securing this vicotry for himself, a very big congratulations from all of and a very big well done!

Final Table Update

We see just 8 players left in the final table for the Freeze out event, the recent exits from the event have been :

JP Okes in 10th winning R6 787.20

Ahmed Karrim in 9th Winning R6 787.20

Troy McTeer in 8th Winning R10 180.80 

that means that our reigning champ has gone out so we wont have a defending champ winning the event but well done to all the players that have exited and are still in the running for that all important first place! 

Final Table

We are now in the final 10 for the MJPT freeze out event!

This was the longest period it took to get from 11 to 10 players since the top 40 of the event, but cards are in the air and the players are playing for the big money of R106 898.40 for 1st place. 

We saw and early exit from Benny Crause in 11th place just missing he final table but still in the money getting himself R6 787.20.

The final table is filled with old names that we have seen before at previous events but one thing to mention is that in seat 3 sits Troy McTeer who is our reigning champ from the Freeze Out Event here at Time Square in 2018. 

At the final table we have : 

1 Seat 1 Didier Muberalca
2 Seat 2  Tmierry Brassinne
3 Seat 3  Troy McTeer
4 Seat 4 Pannos Sissou
5 Seat 5  Will Voster
6 Seat 6 Julian Baruffa
7 Seat 7 Carel Snyman
8 Seat 8 Ahmed Karrim
9 Seat 9 JP Okes
10 Seat 10  Clinton Aube

Looking at the names at the table lets have a look at our big stacks and see who those are : 

1 Julian Barliffa 2 000 000
2 Clinton Aube 1 300 000
3 Troy McTeer 800 000

Good luck to the players left in the event! 

It Has Begun! 

We are back at Time Square Casino and we are starting with the Monster Jam Freeze Out tournament in a few moments!

Players are currently being seated with a starting stack of 75 000 chips, we are playing 12 levels of late registration which means if you want to come and join in on the fun you have until start of play tomorrow to join in!

we have Troy Mcteer here who is the defending champion from last year so we will see if he can defend his title!

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