1 Vincent Laidet R519 870
2 Hennie Appel R356 362.50
3 Jaco Storm R222 202.50
4 Eugene Du Plessis R138 352.50
5 Len Freeman R104 812.50
6 Kagiso Mabusela R83 850.00
7 Jaime Vilela R67 080.00
8 Michael Rocco R50 310.00
9 Djordje Stojic R33 540.00
10 Jacques Meintjies R25 155.00
11 Anand Kumar 25 155.00
12 Alexi Alexandrou R25 155.00
13 Moto Uhara R25 155.00

We Have Our Winner!

Throughout the tournament Vincent Laidet was one of the leaders of the pack, this consistency paid tribute to him during the finals where he always managed to stay ahead of the pack. 

Vincent managed to keep a cool head and shortly after the final show-down between him and Hennie Appel, it came down to his hand winning high Ace.

We would like to congratulate all the players for a fierce competition!

Here are the final standings:

1 1st Vincent Laidet
2 2nd Hennie Appel
3 3rd Jaco Storm
4 4th Eugene Du Plessis
5 5th Len Freeman
6 6th  Kagiso Mabusela

Final 2!

Jaco Storm shoved all in and Vincent Laidet called Jaco’s shove.

Jaco lost a very big hand against Hennie which put him on 80k… Jaco went all-in 3 times in a row and he won all hands, the one hand was 4 of a kind against Vincent’s flush. Jaco managed to get back a much better stack but sadly he eventually lost a all-in shove.

Jaco placed 3rd, taking home R222 202.50

It’s great to see you back Jaco and all the best to the last 2 players, Hennie and Vincent. 

The cards were as follows (Vincent with the pair of Aces)

Another Stand-Off

Eugene Du Plessis shoved all in and Vincent Laidet called the shove.

Eugene has had a monster of a tournament, finishing 4th this time around.

The hands were as follows:

Eugene: 4♠ 4♦

Vincent: A♠ A♦

The flop, turn and river didn’t yield any cards for either of the players so Vincent won the hand with his pocket Aces. 

Keep watching the stream! We are now in the final 3 spots!!!!!! 

Your Main Event Top 4!

Len Freeman went head to head agains Jaco Storm, sadly Len lost his hand to a pair of Kings on the river.

Len is a familiar face and I am sure we will see him at the next event.

The hands played out as follows:

Len’s Hand: Q♦ 3♠

Jaco’s hand: 9♠ K♣

Flop: 5♠ 6♣ 6♦

Turn: 8♠

And finally Jaco’s winner on the river: K♠

Len finished 5th, catch the rest of the action on the stream! 

Your Top 5!

Kagiso Mabusela had a magnificent run but sadly lost to Hennie Appel’s trip Queens.

Kagiso takes the 6th spot! He had some amazing plays, reads and was able to fight himself back into contention on more than one occasion. Kagiso, you sir can take a bow!

Here is how the hand went down:

Kagiso shoved all-in and Hennie called after a bit.

Kagiso had a very decent hand: K♦ A♦

Hennie had: Q♥ Q♣

Flop: K♥ 4♣ 6♥ (Kagiso was in favour of winning the pot)

Turn: Q♠

River: 7♠

Hennie had a very dirty trip Queen to take the hand. 

Then There Were 6!

Jaime Vilela was on a short stack and had to make a play, and you would think that 10 and king would be able to give him a good chance.

Jaime shoved all-in against Eugene Du Plessis and sadly lost the hand and was eliminated.

Jaime’s hand was: 10♦ K♥

Eugene’s hand: 8♥ A♥

The flop was: 9♦ 7♣ A♠

The turn: 3♠

The river: 8♠

Eugene won the hand with 2 pairs. 

Jaime took 7th spot! Well played Jaime and we are certain we will see you soon again! 

Michael Rocco Out

Sadly Michael Rocco dropped out when he went head to head shove vs Jaime Vilela, Michael was short-stacked so he had to take a risk.

Michael Rocco has performed extremely well in many of the events which he participated in over the past week and a bit, he takes 8th place in the Main Event.

Michael’s hand: K♠ 5♦

Jaime’s hand: 9♠ A♥

Flop: 9♦ A♣ 7♥

Turn: Q♣

River: K♣

Jaime had 2 pairs right off the flop.

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