Well done to Andrew Barrat for winning our Monster Jam Free Roll by winning heads up against Lauren Piha.

What a great tournament we have but the final hand went a little something like this:

Lauren Shoves all in with 9♠ K♥ pre flop and Andrew calls straight away with 6♣ K♣ and then comes the dealer who dealt the following cards :

The Flop : 6♦ 4♣ 5♠

Turn 8♦

River 10♦

Well done to Andrew for winning R40 918 for taking first place here at our Monster Free Roll!


Final moments of the River

Final Table Time

The players are on a short break as they start sorting out the final table where we have our 10 players left in the field that are going to battle it out for that top spot. 

All the players that are left are in the money but no one will be happy unless they win that top spot, where they will take home just over R46 000! 

the final table currently is as follows  : 

1 Harold Brooks 425 000
2 Kevin Kalil 1 730 000
3 Melissa Kalil 610 000
4 Vinay Lala 1 180 000
5 Bennie Crause 410 000
6 Andrew Barrat 2 285 000
7 Riccardo Rizzo 1 505 000
8 Ahmed Karrim 1 840 000
9 Lauren Piha 1 000 000
10 Johan De Graaff 875 000

The chip leader thus far and seems to be very confident is Andrew Barrat with an astounding total of 2 285 000 chips in hand, looking poised to take the Monster Free Roll and winning himself just over R40 000. 

Good luck to the players starting again at 4pm. 

Day 2 of the Free Roll

Its day 2 of the Free Roll and we start the day with 36 players, all with their eye on the first trophy of the series. 
After 130 entries, and a whole lot of rebuys, there will be a nice cheque to go along with that trophy too!
Keep an eye out for the prize pool to be announced very soon!

Riccardo Rizzo, pictured above is your current chip leader, with a stack of 680 000. Blinds are currently at 4000/8000 and there is plenty of play to still come.

Stay tuned for more of the action!

Monster Free Roll

With the Monster Free Roll in full swing, lets have a look at some of the players that are here and enjoying the evening! 

we have had 110 entries into the Monster Free Roll and the players look like they are having a blast fighting to get down the long road ahead of them to that final table. Sitting here at the event hearing all the Re-Buy calls coming in, seeing all the smiles on the players faces as they are having fun, makes the environment that these players are playing in a spectacular one! 

if you are not here you are missing out on the world of fun! so, if you haven’t come and seen the actin for yourselves I suggest that you make your way down here to the Time Square Casino and come and see for yourself! 

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