We Have A Winner!

Ashif Walji Takes The Monster Turbo Trophy!After a very long finale, the final 4 battled it out for almost 2 hours! Stacks were moving left, right and center every other hand.

Nic Ioannou knocked Rudolf Fourie out with pocket aces!

Nic was almost knocked out earlier against Ashif but managed to get a straight on the river, helping him gain valuable ground to fight back.

Ashif won with a pair of Aces.

Final 4!

The final 4 are busy battling it out on the final table!

Hands are going back and forth and back and forth! They don’t call this Monster Turbo Event for nothing! It definitely lives up to its reputation!

Our last 4 players are George Lavigne, Nic Ioannou, Rudolf Fourie and Ashif Walji.

The current blinds are sitting at 12000/24000 and increasing every 15mins!

Good luck to the last 4 players! 

The Heat Is On

Re-buys are officially over and we are going straight into the fire.

We are playing 15min levels with the current blinds at 3000/6000, there are also only 12 players left so the event is going to go into overdrive as soon as the break is over. 

Here are 4 of the current chip leaders:

1 Nic Ioannou  326 000
2 George Levine 249 000
3 Evro 213 000
4 Frans Henning  160 000

We wish the final players the best of luck!

Break Time Update

The players are having a quick breather while we bring you the chip-leaders. 

The Tables are seeing very fast-paced and very aggressive plays by everyone on the field, it seems as though the passion of the bokke winning the world cup has followed onto the tables. 

The current blinds are sitting at 1000/2500 with 15 minute levels, the heat is turned up very quickly. 

Your current 4 leaders are:

1 Keith Bishop 235 500
2 Rudolf Fourie  166 500
3 Evra  133 500
4 Dobbie 97 000

Monster Turbo Now Live

Here is some information about the Monster Stack Turbo Event:

-Starting at 8pm.

-R4000 buy-in for 50k stack

-Re-entry 12 levels for 15min per level

-Add-on after 12 levels R2500 for 80k chips

-Blinds starting at 100/200

This event is notorious for its fast pace and plenty of action!

We have some hard hitters who have already joined the table such as George Levine, Frans Henning, Rudolf Fourie and Keith Bishop.

Good luck to all the players!

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