We are in the Money! 

We have finally got to that point where we have 3 players left! We have 2 of the best players in the country at the table and then one international player who has more than proven his worth already at this event by winning the R90k Super Slam! 

lets see who they are : 

Michael Rocco

Ahmed Karrim

George Levine

There is a lot of money at stake here this afternoon with these 3 players playing for the following prizes : 

1 1st place R132 300.00
2 2nd place R79 380.00
3 3rd place R52 920.00

Good luck to these gentleman for the rest of the event!

Day 2 Has Kicked Off!

We continue with day 2 of the Super Jam with only 4 competitors left, there are still 2 levels of re-buy left, so the stakes are high and the table is hot!

The final 4 players are:

George Levine, who is currently the chip leader, Michael Rocco, who is hot on George’s tail, Harold Brooks and last but not least Ahmed Karrim.

Follow all the action on the live on www.twitch.tv/monsterjampokere

Super Jam is live!

We would like to welcome our top players to the Super Jam which has just started.

Michael Rocco, our American visitor who won the R90k in the Super Slam is competing to become the next Super Jam champ.

Super Jam buy in is R17 500 and the blinds are currently sitting at 200/400 with a 400 Ante, good luck to all the players competing!


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