We Have A Winner! 

A very big congrats to Michael Rocco for winner the Super Slam R90k buy in! he picks himself up a healthy R595 000.00.

Interestingly enough he is from the USA and made his way here to play in the Super Slam and won it with 3 J’s. According to him we have a very friendly atmosphere to play in.

Congrats to Ahmed for taking home second place and earning R255 420.00


Final 2 Update

This heads up game has been great to sit and watch with Ahmed Karrim just winning a hand that doubled him up and to take the chip lead away from Michael Rozzo. The hand was worth 1 975 000 chips. 

After Ahmed Shoved all in Michael made a snap call and unfortunately didn’t come out ahead. 

if you want to catch the action live just head over to the live stream! 

Final 2 Players! 

Congratulations to Ahmed Karrim and Michael Rocco for making it into the money! they are currently playing heads up against each other and let me tell you not a smile on their faces! They are being very serious and for good reason because there is almost a R200k difference between first and second place!

good luck to these two players!

Ahmed Karrim

Michael Rocco

Day 3 Start

We have started the third day of the Super Slam and if you havent been keeping up lets see what has happened over the last 3 days. 

We started on day with with a few re entries and buy ins and ended the secod day with only 4 people left. They will be playing for a majot prize pool of just over R500k! 

The players left are : 

1 Ahmed Karrim 1 334 000
2 Michael Rocco 1 467 000
3 Nic Zakhem 143 700
4 Nic Loannou 1 190 000

Good luck to all the players left and lets see who claims the first and second place in the money! 

1 1st Place R595 980.00
2 2nd Place R255 420.00
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