The Winners Are!

The Tag team Switch Event has finished and what an interesting end to such a fun event!

We had Martin and Theo taking the 1st place after making a deal, each taking home R41 720.00 and apart of that deal we had Kosta and Helmut taking home 2nd place prize of R17 500 each.

well done to all the players who joined in for the fun and a huge contrats to our winners!

Martin, Theo Kosta and Helmut

Its Final Table Time

we are at that stage in the Tag Team Switch Event where the players are having alot of fun switching out mid hand and trying to play their team mates hand. It has added a very strange, fun and new dynamic of trying to think how your partner plays aswell as how you would play the hand. 

I take my hat off to these players making it this far with a final table that is looking to impress with some interesting set of players switching in and out to try get their share of the amazing prize pool. 

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