Feature Table Grand Slam

With the players all sat down and play commencing we can have a look at our feature table and see who is there. The buy in was R40 000 for this event and we have 27 entries so far with it only being day one of 3. They will be playing 6 levels this evening with each level being 45 mins long up until late registration ends and then it will go to and hour.

Players are sitting down and playing the first hands of the tournament I am so excited to see how this plays out, players have a starting chip stack of 150 000 and we will look in the first break who our chip leader is and how the tables are looking.

Super Slam Winners!

We have another winner our second of the stay here at Sibaya Casino & Entertainment Kingdom, this time its the Winner of the super Slam event, Mr Abdul Essa was the chip leader for the majority of the day and in the end the four remaining players decided to chop up the pot and made a deal.

A very Massive congratulations to all these players, after a long grind over three days these are the Gentlemen that made it into the final table and all came out winners in the end!

Final Table Update

Finally after a 3 day long grind we see our final table at the top four players after we see KM bust.

i am so excited to see how these players do and what we see happen as there is a lot of money at stake here and just to remind you here are the prize’s that are up for grabs.

1st R722 400.00

2nd R 541 800.00

3rd R361 200.00

4th R180 600.00

Im excited to see what happens here at the final table

Start of day 2

Good morning and welcome back!

We are still here at the amazing Sibaya casino, the players are getting ready to start the second half of the Warm Up Main Event, and with all the exciting poker that happened her last night I’m sure this will yield the same levels of success as yesterday did. we start today off now at 12 pm midday with the MJPT Warm up main event and at 2pm we have a Super Slam satellite starting, then starting this evening we have the Super Slam R60 000 buy in event that everyone has been so excited for!

back to this Warm Up Main Event we start today with 34 players left but don’t forget there is still a chance to buy in until about 2pm this afternoon, so if you want to come take your chance with the R6 000 buy in come through and give it a shot. These players are currently playing for a total pot of R352 000 with an average stack of R102 940.

As i see all the players coming and and getting ready and the rustling of the chips starting you can almost feel the excitement in the room, so with that said, good luck to all the players!

End Of Boardwalk Season 2

All good things come to an end and unfortunately, that time is now. It’s been an absolute pleasure bringing The MonsterJam Poker Tour back to Boardwalk for season 2. We have managed to fill the poker room with an amazing atmosphere and energy with the help of all the staff at the casino, the players and the engagement we’ve seen online. To wrap things up here is a recap of all the winners:

Event 1 The Monster Freeroll winner: LAUREN PHIA

Event 2 Millions Accumulated winner: TBD

Event 3 The Grand Slam winner: RUDOLF FOURIE

Event 4 The 6 Max winner: MAURICE DE LA MARE

Event 5 The MonsterJam Main Event winner: NIC IOANNOU

Event 6 The Monster Stack Turbo winner: CLIVE KIKIA

Event 7 The Semi-Freeze winner: KEVIN KALIL

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who cashed. We are looking forward to getting back here next season. Until then we hope to see you all at our next event in Sibaya, KZN.


Harold Brooks Out In 4th

Blinds 40000/80000 with an 80000 big blind ante.

Action on Muaaz Gani who moves all-in on his SB and Brooks calls in the BB for 370k.

Gani – 3♦️4♦️

Brooks – Q♦️3♠️

The flop comes [4♥️-5♥️-J♦️] giving Gani bottom pair. The turn is the [6♦️]. Brooks needs to hit a Queen on the river to double. The river is the [6♥️] eliminating Brooka in 4th for R148,574.30. Well played Harold!

Martin Maroun Out In 5th

Blinds 40000/80000 with an 80000 big blind ante.

Action on Maroun in the SB who moves all-in for an additional 75k and gets called by Muaaz Gani.

Maroun tables A♣️K♣️

Gani tables A♦️8♠️

Flop comes [5♦️-8♥️-4♣️] giving Gani top pair. The turn is the [A♠️] and the river of [9♦️] eliminates Maroun out in 5th for R112,556.30. Well played Martin!

David Rosenthal Out In 6th

Blinds 30000/60000 with a 60000 big blind ante.

Muaaz Gani opens to 125k and gets a call from Nic Ioannoy. Rosenthal snap shoves for a total of 350k. Both Gane and Ioannoy call.

The flop comes [7♦️-Q♣️-9♠️]. Gani checks and Ioannoy fires 250k. Gani calls. Both players check on the [T♣️] turn. The river is the [8♥️]. Gani bets 225k and Ioannoy goes all-in and has Gani covered. Gani tosses in a chip and makes the call.

Rosenthal shows K♥️K♠️

Ioannoy shows Q♦️J♥️

Gani shows J♠️T♦️

Ioannoy and Gani chop with a Queen high straight eliminating Rosenthal in 6th for R90,045. Well played David!

Henni Appel Out In 7th

Blinds 30000/60000 with a 60000 big blind ante.

Nic Ioannoy opens the action to 120k in mid position. Appel on the BTN moves all-in for 470k total and Ioannoy makes the call.

Appel – 9♦️T♦️

Ioannoy – 6♦️6♥️

The flop of [J♥️-5♦️-7♦️] gives Appel 14 outs. The turn is the [J♣️] and the river bricks out with the [5♠️] eliminating Appel in 7th for R72,036. Well played Hennie!

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