End Of Boardwalk Season 2

All good things come to an end and unfortunately, that time is now. It’s been an absolute pleasure bringing The MonsterJam Poker Tour back to Boardwalk for season 2. We have managed to fill the poker room with an amazing atmosphere and energy with the help of all the staff at the casino, the players and the engagement we’ve seen online. To wrap things up here is a recap of all the winners:

Event 1 The Monster Freeroll winner: LAUREN PHIA

Event 2 Millions Accumulated winner: TBD

Event 3 The Grand Slam winner: RUDOLF FOURIE

Event 4 The 6 Max winner: MAURICE DE LA MARE

Event 5 The MonsterJam Main Event winner: NIC IOANNOU

Event 6 The Monster Stack Turbo winner: CLIVE KIKIA

Event 7 The Semi-Freeze winner: KEVIN KALIL

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who cashed. We are looking forward to getting back here next season. Until then we hope to see you all at our next event in Sibaya, KZN.


Kevin Kalil Is The Semi Freeze Winner

After a few hands of heads up with Lauren Scott, Kevin Kalil picked up A♠️6♠️ and called an all-in from Scott who had J♦️9♦️. The board ran clean for Kalil who takes down the trophy and first place cash to go with it. We’re grateful Kevin Kalil spent his birthday with the MonsterJam team and took home a trophy as the icing on the cake. Congratulations Kalil and Happy Birthday!

Main Event Winner: Nic Ioannou.

Top 3 players Nic Ioannou, Muaaz Gani and Daniel Lamberti make an ICM deal after a few hands of 3 handed play seeing Nic Ioannou taking down the trophy, Muaaz Gani coming 2nd and Daniel Lamberti coming 3rd. After 3 days of grinding it out on the poker tables, Ioannou outlasted and outplayed a field of 138 entries to come out on top of The MONSTERJAM MAIN EVENT. We saw some really exciting play over the course of The Main Event and would like to thank everyone who got involved both on and off the tables. See you all in Sibaya for another amazing Main. Congratulations Nic Ioannou!

Harold Brooks Out In 4th

Blinds 40000/80000 with an 80000 big blind ante.

Action on Muaaz Gani who moves all-in on his SB and Brooks calls in the BB for 370k.

Gani – 3♦️4♦️

Brooks – Q♦️3♠️

The flop comes [4♥️-5♥️-J♦️] giving Gani bottom pair. The turn is the [6♦️]. Brooks needs to hit a Queen on the river to double. The river is the [6♥️] eliminating Brooka in 4th for R148,574.30. Well played Harold!

Martin Maroun Out In 5th

Blinds 40000/80000 with an 80000 big blind ante.

Action on Maroun in the SB who moves all-in for an additional 75k and gets called by Muaaz Gani.

Maroun tables A♣️K♣️

Gani tables A♦️8♠️

Flop comes [5♦️-8♥️-4♣️] giving Gani top pair. The turn is the [A♠️] and the river of [9♦️] eliminates Maroun out in 5th for R112,556.30. Well played Martin!

David Rosenthal Out In 6th

Blinds 30000/60000 with a 60000 big blind ante.

Muaaz Gani opens to 125k and gets a call from Nic Ioannoy. Rosenthal snap shoves for a total of 350k. Both Gane and Ioannoy call.

The flop comes [7♦️-Q♣️-9♠️]. Gani checks and Ioannoy fires 250k. Gani calls. Both players check on the [T♣️] turn. The river is the [8♥️]. Gani bets 225k and Ioannoy goes all-in and has Gani covered. Gani tosses in a chip and makes the call.

Rosenthal shows K♥️K♠️

Ioannoy shows Q♦️J♥️

Gani shows J♠️T♦️

Ioannoy and Gani chop with a Queen high straight eliminating Rosenthal in 6th for R90,045. Well played David!

Henni Appel Out In 7th

Blinds 30000/60000 with a 60000 big blind ante.

Nic Ioannoy opens the action to 120k in mid position. Appel on the BTN moves all-in for 470k total and Ioannoy makes the call.

Appel – 9♦️T♦️

Ioannoy – 6♦️6♥️

The flop of [J♥️-5♦️-7♦️] gives Appel 14 outs. The turn is the [J♣️] and the river bricks out with the [5♠️] eliminating Appel in 7th for R72,036. Well played Hennie!

Edgar Antezana Out In 8th

Blinds 15000/30000 with a 30000 big blind ante.

Antezana is automatically all-in on his big blind. Action on Nic Ioannoy who opens up to 75k in late position. Everyone else folds and cards go on their backs

Ioannoy – 6♣6♥

Antezana – 2♦9♣

The board comes [Q♦-K♣-2♠][J♥][Q♣] eliminating Antezana in 8th for R54,027. Well played Edgar!

JP Okes Out In 9th

Blinds 15000/30000 with a 30000 big blind ante.

Action on David Rosenthal who opens up to 75k in early position. JP Okes takes some time to think out his decision and counts his chips before pushing all-in in mid position. Action back on Rosenthal who makes the call.

Okes – A♦Q♥

Rosenthal – A♣K♠

Okes is in bad shape as he is dominated here. The flop is [4♠-A♥-3♣] giving both players top pair. The turn is the [A♠] and Okes needs to hit a Queen to double or either a three or four to chop. The [5♠] bricks for Okes eliminating him in 9th for R36,018.00. Well played JP!

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