Day 1 has ended

Such an exciting day that we had here at the Sibaya Casino entertainment resort as we look back to what the evening brought us we see that we had over 65 players enter the Warm Up Main Event with a total pot of over R320 000. We had over 20 people going out in the first day already from this event.

At the end of day 1 and after 12 levels of the Warm up Main Event we have the chip leader Ahmed Karrim with an extraordinary amount of 330 500 chips in his back pocket.
We are starting day 2 at 12pm midday on Saturday with the rest of the Warm up Main Event, where there I still time to Re-buy for 4 more levels until approximately 2pm. Also we will be starting with the the Super Slam R60 000 buy in at 8 pm.

some exciting things happening this tomorrow and if the energy is the same as it was today then its definitely something to look forward to! I personally am very excited for the rest of the events that are going to follow in the next 10 days.

Well done to all the players today and good luck for the rest of the event!

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