Day 2 Of 6 Max Has Kicked Off!

The final 6 are battling it out to win their share of the cash prize. Sadly Phia was the first to be knocked out. 

There is a lot of energy around the table so far and everyone seems to be cool, calm and collected, for now, but we are sure that this will change as soon as the table starts to heat up.

The current blinds are sitting at 8000/16000 with the average stack being 281 666.

There was a total of 42 entries into this competition so the final 6 had to fight hard to get where they are, lets have a look at what the chipstacks are for the beginning of the day:

1 David Rosenthal 521 000
2 Kevin Kalil 382 000
3 Nolan Rebelo 235 000
4 Len Freeman 221 000
5 Keith Bishop  178 000
6 Donny Metiv 153 000

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