Divan Le Roux Out In 3rd

Blinds 40000/80000 with an 80000 big blind ante.

Players had just returned from a 15min break and Le Roux in the SB goes all-in on Rudolf Fourie’s BB for a total of 625k and gets a call.

Le Roux – 5♦T♣

Fourie – Q♦J♦

The flop comes [7♣-3♦-A♥] and Fourie still ahead with QJ. The turn gives Le Roux outs but also takes some away with the [6♦] Le Roux has 8 outs to hit on the river. The river is the [9♣] busting Le Roux in 3rd cashing out R313,548.00. Well played Divan!

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