Epic Finale 

Jarred Solomon and Daniel Lamberti battled it out until the end! 

Jarred finally bested Daniel but the final was nothing short of magical! 

Jarred and Daniel both shoved and these were the hands and the flop:

Jarred’s hand 10♦A♣

Daniel’s hand K♠ J♦

The flop came: 2♥ 7♣ Q♠ 8♦ A♦

Meaning Jarred won on a pair of Aces, whilst Daniel almost had a straight. 

Best wishes to all players, here is a breakdown of the winners:

1 Jarred Solomon R 681 120
2 Daniel Lamberti R491 920
3 Edgar Antezana R321 640
4 Ahmed Karrim R170 280
5 Nic Ioannou R132 440
6 Moto Uhara R94 600

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