Eugene vs Andrew

Blinds 600/1200 with a 1200 big blind ante.

The last level for the day and we catch the action on the turn where Andrew Anthony ships for 54,6k on Eugene Du Plessis in a pot of 91k. The board is [6♥-T♥-9♣][8♠]. Du Plessis tanks for a while and gets time called on him as he thinks out loud on the various combination Anthony could have here. He makes the call and cards go on their backs.

Anthony – J♣J♠

Du Plessis – A♥A♠

Anthony needs to hit a Jack, Queen or Seven on the river to stay in The GRAND SLAM. The river is the [K♣] busting Anthony. The 38 players remaining will now play 4 more hands before the end of play tonight.

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