Final 9 – Main Table Set!

WW took the 13th spot, Sun took 12th spot, Kenny Morgan took 11th spot.

Abool Essa shoved, Des Godfrey called.

Abdool had a pocket pair of 3’s and Des had a pocked pair of Aces. 

The community cards help nothing for either player, Abdool was eliminated and took the 10th spot.

Here is what the final table setup looks like:

21Des Godfrey775 000
32Kenny Heyns420 000
43Clive Kikia440 000
54Jarred Solomon1 825 000
65Rudolf Fourie1 365 000
76John Ambrosie370 000
87Karl Myburgh250 000
98Jaco Storm795 000
109Vygandas Simuntis 965 000

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