Final Table Grand Slam

With the departure of Clive Kikia, we now have our top 6 set in stone. These 6 players will all be getting a chunk of change as they are now in the prize pool. 

The game is still far from over, so head over to our live stream to catch the feature table!

A few minutes after Clive, Moto Uhara has been eliminated as well, leaving only 5 players. 

Clive’s hand went as follows:

Clive picked up A♣A♥ and pushed the opponents to call. Ahmed left the chase early but Jarred kept up.

Jarred’s hand was 9♦3♦

The flop was J♦8♣10♦

The turn was 2♦

and the river was 6♠

Clive lost the hand to Jarred’s straight, with Moto also out, we can’t wait to see what is going to happen with the final 5!

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