Gareth Hudson Out In 6th

Blinds 20000/40000 with a 40000 big blind ante.

Hudson raises to 80k from the CUT and gets called by Huawei Sun in the SB, BB Harold Brooks folds. The flop comes [9♠-6♣-T♦]. Sun checks and Hudson fires 115k. Action back on Sun who moves all-in for a total of 720k. Hudson tanks for a while before reluctantly calling his stack off after saying “I don’t think I can fold here”. Hudson is in bad shape as

Sun tables 9♥T♥

Hudson tables K♣T♠

Hudson has 3 king outs. The turn is the [8♦] giving Hudson more outs for a chop pot. The river is the [5♥] busting Gareth Hudson out in 6th cashing out R92,220.00 Well played Gareth!



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