Grand Slam 1st Break

After a quick 15 minute breather, we are straight back into the action! 

We would welcome our new players who have joined us throughout the day, namely: Giovanni Zanette, Edgar Antezana, Maki Tsihlas, Ray Adam,  Jarred Solomon and Zash Ebrahim.

We have had a player seat and table switch so the current players and chip-count on the feature table are:

1 Divan Le Roux 441 000
2 Jarred Solomon 321 000
3 Hauwei Sun 246 000
4 Jaco Storm 212 000
5 Nic Ioannou  191 000
6 Zasg Ebrahim 182 000
7 Len Freeman 159 000
8 Ahmed Karrim 150 000

Follow the feature table live on our stream!

Best of luck to all new comers, may the river flow in your favour! 

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