Grand Slam Begins!

The Grand Slam event is underway. With many of the top players in the country taking their seats with the hopes that they can play themselves into the final table and then into the money!

This event has great promise to be extraordinary and we expect nothing less. 

Catch the feature table on the stream and be sure not to miss any of the action! 

The buy in is R40k for 150 000 starting stack, blinds are starting at 100/200 with a level duration of 45mins. 

Here is a list of some of the players participating:

1 Daniel Lamberti Joe Rahme
2 Huawei Sun Jamie Vilela
3 Des Dodfrey Harold Brooks
4 Divan Le Roux Keith Bishop
5 Clive Kikia Hennie Appel
6 Joe Abreu Michael Rocco
7 Ahmed Karrim Nawal Jaftha
8 David Rosenthal Jaco Storm
9 Johan De Graaff Muaaz Gani
10 Nahum Lum

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