Grand Slam Day 2 Continues!

After a well earned rest, the players are back on the tables battling each other to get their share of the honey pot!

We started with 30 entries yesterday, with only 1 person being eliminated so far.

We are definitely in for some hot hands and big plays today!

Here is a breakdown of the event structure:

-R40 000 entry

-150 000 starting stack

-Blinds at start of play will be 600/1200

-late registration is until around 6pm

All the action will be on our live stream and our website!

Here are the current chip count leaders for the day:

1 Divan Le Roux 404 900
2 Nahum Lum 316 100
3 Nawal Jaftha 303 500
4 Jaco Storm 254 900
5 Hennie Appel 215 200

We wish all the players best of luck for today!

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