“I won a satellite that costed me about R500” – Our runner up for The Monster Stack Freeze, Jared Glass.

Welcome, Jared Glass, to Monster Jam Poker Tour Sun City. 

Jared, just moments after placing second in The Monster Stack Freeze, stopped by and shared his experience of the tournament with us. Here is what he had to say:

Q1: Jared, how are you feeling?

“Yeah, bru it’s amazing. I’ve just been in a zone for the last 25 hours so just trying to come to terms (with it all). It’s such a special place to be with all these unbelievable poker players in the country and just grinding it with these okes is something special. Just so grateful for the opportunity.”

Q2: You mentioned earlier that you won a satellite to be here?

“Yeah, I won a satellite that costed me about R500. Honestly, I’m just super proud right now and stoked. Also, I didn’t lose, I did a deal”

Well done Jared Glass on coming second! Very well played. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming tournaments.

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