“I’ve already made the final table in 3 events this stop” – Huawei Sun

Welcome, Huawei Sun to Monster Jam Poker Tour Sun City. After placing 5th in our Hi-Roller, Huawei Sun came and had a chat with us about his run in the tournament. Here is what he had to say:

Q1: How are you feeling Mr. Sun after placing 5th?

“I’m feeling good. I’ve already made the final table in 3 events this stop so far and cashed all of them so I’m very proud”

Q2: How have you been finding this tour stop over here in Sun City?

“It’s an amazing place and I cannot miss any #MJPT event. The organizing is superb, the facility that you see is excellent and wonderful. I will go back to my country and ask more people to come here”

Thank you Huawei Sun for stopping by and chatting with us. Congratulations on cashing the Hi-Roller. See you at Main Event!


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