JP Okes Out In 9th

Blinds 15000/30000 with a 30000 big blind ante.

Action on David Rosenthal who opens up to 75k in early position. JP Okes takes some time to think out his decision and counts his chips before pushing all-in in mid position. Action back on Rosenthal who makes the call.

Okes – A♦Q♥

Rosenthal – A♣K♠

Okes is in bad shape as he is dominated here. The flop is [4♠-A♥-3♣] giving both players top pair. The turn is the [A♠] and Okes needs to hit a Queen to double or either a three or four to chop. The [5♠] bricks for Okes eliminating him in 9th for R36,018.00. Well played JP!

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