The Charity Jam has come to a close as Kevin Kalil and Harold Brooks made a deal heads-up taking home R27,000.00 each and playing for the trophy and the outstanding R1,800.00. Harold went all in pre-flop and Kalil made the call. Harold Tabled 8♥️8♠️, Kalil shows 8♦️10♦️. The flop 5♣️ J♥️ 9♣️ brings Kalil an up and down straight draw, with Harolds pair of 8’s holding up for the moment. The turn 2♥️ is no help to Kalil and Brooks 8’s continue to hold up. The river 10♥️ brings Kalil a pair of 10’s and he wins the hand, taking down the Charity Jam Tournament, collecting the Trophy and a cool R28,980.00


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