“Knocking 3 players out was very special to me” – Vicky Sookoo

Welcome, Vicky Sookoo to Monster Jam Poker Tour Sun City 2019.

In this brief player spotlight, Vicky, a veteran of the game (9+ years under his belt) talks about his experience as a poker player thus far.

Q1: What got you into poker?

“I can’t remember but I started playing in 2009”

Q2: What has been your greatest poker moment thus far?

“I was playing one of the big tournaments and what happened was we had a full table. I had AQ on the button. There were 3 other players in the hand. Can’t fully remember the board but I had top pair and still drawing to a better hand on the flop. The pot was getting big on the flop after a raise and a re-raise with all 3 players still in the hand, and I said “is it time for me to knock 3 players out?” and so I put my chips in and I knocked out the whole 3 players and I took the whole 3 stacks. Knocking 3 players out was very special to me.”

Q3: What advice would you give someone who is new to poker?

“Play your gut. Don’t listen to the player next to you, your mate or whatever. Make the best out of the 2 cards that you’ve got.”

Q4: In three words, how would you describe your experience at #MJPT?

“I love it”

Q5: What #MJPT event are you most looking forward to playing?

“The Freeze Out, the Main Event (12 April 2019) and the Turbo (13 April 2019)”

Thank you, Vicky, for a fantastic and honest interview. We look forward to seeing you at future #MJPT events. All the best for the rest of the series!

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