Massive 68 big blind Pot

Mcfly more than doubles up.

Blinds 2000/4000 with a 4000 big blind ante 

Preflop sees 6 players limping into the pot. Mcfly has AcJc

The flop is [4c-8c-8d] giving Mcfly the nut flush club draw. UTG bets 6k and gets 4 callers.

Mcfly gets there on the turn with the [2c]. The action gets checked to Mcfly who bets 18,5k and gets one caller from the SB. The river brings the [9d] and SB leads out for 50k followed by an all-in for a total of 40k from Mcfly who gets called reluctantly by the SB who tables pocket jacks.

Mcfly now sits with over 270k. Day 1 will come to an end at the end of level 14 giving players 20mins left to hold onto their seat before the end of play.


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