Massive Pot for Ray Adams

Massive pot for Ray Adams:
Blinds 2000/4000 with a 4000 big blind ante.
Clive Kikia opens in the HJ with 8,5k action folded to Ray Adams who bumps it up to 27k in the SB. Clive Kikia makes the call and we are off to a flop. Flop comes 8♣K♣8♦ Ray Adams c-bets for 30k and Clive Kikia calls. Turn lands the 6♥ and Ray Adams bets out 52k and Clive Kikia calls. The river brings the A♣ and Ray Adams fires out 70k. Clive tanks for a while and ends up making the call. Ray Adams shows A♠J♣ and Clive Kikia tables K♦T♦ which sees Ray Adams take down a massive pot for just under 90 big blinds with 2 pair of aces and eights.

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