New Feature Table

We had a quick 15 min break, table shuffle and chip count. 

The current blinds are now sitting at 2000/4000. We have sadly lost a number of players with the player count now being around 40. 

That being said, we have also lost a number of top players such as Ahmed Karrim, George Levine, Nic Ioannou, Frans Henning and Rudolf Fourie.

The playing field is completely open and very competitive! 

Here is the current feature table players and counts:

1 Hennie Appel 413 000
2 Moto Uhara 257 000
3 Djorge Stojic 235 000
4 David Rosenthal 149 000
5 Kenny Morgan 144 000
6 Harold Brooks 88 000
7 Des Godfrey 59 000
8 Euro Psiloyenis 50 000

Good luck to all remaining players!!!

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