Our Internationals Battle (Canada vs China)

Blinds 1000/2000 with a 2000 big blind ante.

We catch the action on pre-flop which sees Rhonda Fiveland shove for around 59k into a pot of 25k. Action folded to Huawei Sun who asks for a count and calls before the count is done.

Fiveland – 8♥9♣

Sun – K♣Q♣

The flop comes down as [4♣-J♦-9♥] putting Fiveland ahead with middle pair but giving Sun 10 outs. The [J♥] giving Fiveland two pairs and does not change anything for Sun who now only has the river card to realise his equity. The river is the [Q♥] giving both players two pair but with Sun getting the better of it.

There are still 4 levels of play for players to register.

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