Rhonda Fiveland eliminated in 6th after 3 way all-in

Blinds 120000/240000 with a 240000 big blind ante.

Clayton Turner and Ahmed Karim both limp in the HJ and CO respectively. Action on Fiveland in the SB who is short-stacked ships the baby for 590k. Edgar Antezana re-raises to just over 1 million. Action folds back to Karim who snap calls his entire stack.

Fiveland tables A♣5♠

Antezana tables Q♣J♠

Karim tables A♥A♠

Fiveland is in bad shape and needs to hit strong on the flop. The board of [8♠-2♠-3♣-Q♥-8♣] sends Fiveland to the rails cashing out R10,396.50 and Karim gets a near triple up sending him upwards of 2.5 million chips.

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