Round 7 starts.

Back to the freature table we see an interesting hand play out with 3 players in the hand. Pre flop raises almost 3 times the blind, so Len Freeman with the A♣ 10♣ with the short stack in the hand, pairs up his 10’s with a 10♦ on the flop playing up against Muaaz Gani with K♥ J♥, pairing up his kings on the flop with K♦. 

so the flop came 10♦ K♦ 9♣.

Then the turn 7♣

Len with the bottom pair and 10 outs on the river decides to check it over to Muaaz. 

The River comes 10♠

Len decides to bet 29.5K just hitting the set of 10’s on the river, and after much contimplation Muaaz decides to fold his hand, meaning Len wins 120 000 pot gaining back almost a third of his total stack.

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