Rudolf Fourie Doubles

Blinds 400/800 with an 800 big blind ante.

Action on George Levine who raises to 2k from the CO and gets 3 callers. The flop comes [6♣-T♣-K♥]. Fourie from the SB raises 6k and Warrick Wiegand re-raises to 21,5k from the BB. Action folded back to Fourie who moves all-in for an additional 31k. Wiegand makes the call and cards go on their backs.

Fourie – Q♥J♥

Wiegand – K♠T♠

Before the dealer deals the turn card, Fourie calls for an Ace. The turn [Q♠] brings outs for Fourie who now needs either an Ace or Queen on the river to double up. Luckily for Fourie he called it on the flop and the river delivered the [A♣] for Fourie who now sits just under 100k. Players are now in the last level of play for day 1 of The GRAND SLAM.

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