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Play is about to start at our SEMI FREEZE. The bubble took yonks to burst but we’ve reached the pinnacle of the tournament. Shaun Govender is still our chip leader and man he’s on fire.

Great job mother and son team Jaftha, both have now final tabled together for the 2nd time this series.

Chip Counts & Seating

Seat 1: Hennie Appel 835k
Seat 2: Shaun Govender 1 295k
Seat 3: Nawal Jaftha 291k
Seat 4: Suren Naidoo 348k
Seat 5: David Rosenthal 450k
Seat 6: Giovanni Zanette 767k
Seat 7: Agmat Samodien 415k
Seat 8: JP Okes 607k
Seat 9: Alf Martinsson 1 164k
Seat 10: Taariq Jaftha 841k



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