Set Over Set Action

Blinds 1000/2000 with a 2500 big blind ante.

Action folded to Clive Kikia in the HJ who opens up to 5,5k. CUT folds and Tim Akinnusi on the BTN re pops to 15,5k. Action back on Kikia who makes the call. Kikia checks the flop of [K♣-5♠-4♣] and Akinnusi continues for 15k. Kikia calls and once again checks on the [8♠] turn. Akinnusi leads for 25k and Kikia shoves all-in; Akinnusi snap calls. Players turn their cards over

Kikia – 5♥5♦

Akinnusi – 8♣8♦

The [K♦] fills Akinnusi up.

Kikia now has 37k

Akinnusi now has 332k

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