Start of day 2

Good morning and welcome back!

We are still here at the amazing Sibaya casino, the players are getting ready to start the second half of the Warm Up Main Event, and with all the exciting poker that happened her last night I’m sure this will yield the same levels of success as yesterday did. we start today off now at 12 pm midday with the MJPT Warm up main event and at 2pm we have a Super Slam satellite starting, then starting this evening we have the Super Slam R60 000 buy in event that everyone has been so excited for!

back to this Warm Up Main Event we start today with 34 players left but don’t forget there is still a chance to buy in until about 2pm this afternoon, so if you want to come take your chance with the R6 000 buy in come through and give it a shot. These players are currently playing for a total pot of R352 000 with an average stack of R102 940.

As i see all the players coming and and getting ready and the rustling of the chips starting you can almost feel the excitement in the room, so with that said, good luck to all the players!

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