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Headsup with Harold Brooks. Harold Limps the BTN and George Raises to 300K to go from the BB. Harold ships the baby for 1.2 million and George calls. We go to showdown and Harold Tables AJ and George has AK. The flop lands K76 and George flops top pair of kings to take a commanding lead on the hand. Harold will need running spades or Jacks to win the hand. The turn 7 and river 2 are no help to Harold who is eliminated by George in 2nd place taking home R337,668.80. Well done Harold on a fantastic performance over the last 3 days, you played a really great game of poker sir! What can be said about George Levine? George takes down the Main Event title and R472,736.30. George sets a new SA poker record being the first ever player to win back to back major tournaments in a single SA poker event! Unbelievable performance the last 3 days George and very well deserved back to back victory! They will be screaming “Sleeeeeeeep!!!! in Kzn for a long time to come!

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Monster Jam Charity Jam now underway

Monster Jam Charity Event is now underway. A big thank you to everyone who has come out to support Good Morning Angels. Be sure to tune into your preferred streaming platform to follow along with all the action and fun of our Charity Jam feature table.


Your Monster Jam Freeroll Champion is Nic Christodolou.

Your Monster Jam Freeroll Champion is Nic Christodolou. He called Rudolph Fouries all-in with K9 and was pleased when Rudolpoh turned over J9 Having him dominated pre. The board runs out K 3 2 7 A. Nic wins the hand eliminating Rudolph and claiming Freeroll glory. Rudolph picks up R15,000.00 for his efforts and Nic takes down R25,740.00. Congrats to Nic on a cracking performance.



During headsup, a deal was made between David Rosenthal and Jamie Vilela. Jamie Walks away with R410,000.00 for his effort. David Rosenthal takes down the Title of Monster Jam Super Slam Champion earning himself R814,320.00. Congrats David Rosenthal on a tournament well played!


Time Square Super Slam Final Table time!

To watch the live streaming of the Super Slam Final table, please visit:

After two days of deep stack poker we have made it to the final 10 in the Super High Roller event. Please see below for your final table players and chip counts. The live stream is up and as soon as the delay kicks in we will be live from the Monster Jam Feature Table. Good luck to all the players who have made it this far.


Monster Stack Freezeout Champion – Time Square 2018

Troy Mcteer moved all-in from the button heads-up against Carel Snyman. Snyman looks down at A7 and makes the call short stacked. Tryo tables K9. The flop lands 6J9 seeing Troy take the lead with his flopped middle pair of nines. The turn and river peel of 10, 3respectively bringing no help for Snyman who is eliminated in second picking up R138,669.30 for his efforts. Troy Mcteer after 2 days of great poker has taken home the Title of Monster Jam – Monster Stack Freeze Out Champion picking up R192,931.20 for his efforts. Congratulation Troy on a fantastic win.


Welcome to Time Square Casino

The final stop on the Monster Jam Poker Tour has begun as players have all started to arrive. We will be bringing you the updates on all the tournament action over the next week. You can find us in The Maslow Hotel lobby.
Stay tuned, as Times Square is sure to be an action packed event!

Good luck to all players and may the flop be with you!


The Charity Jam has come to a close as Kevin Kalil and Harold Brooks made a deal heads-up taking home R27,000.00 each and playing for the trophy and the outstanding R1,800.00. Harold went all in pre-flop and Kalil made the call. Harold Tabled 8♥️8♠️, Kalil shows 8♦️10♦️. The flop 5♣️ J♥️ 9♣️ brings Kalil an up and down straight draw, with Harolds pair of 8’s holding up for the moment. The turn 2♥️ is no help to Kalil and Brooks 8’s continue to hold up. The river 10♥️ brings Kalil a pair of 10’s and he wins the hand, taking down the Charity Jam Tournament, collecting the Trophy and a cool R28,980.00



The next stop on the Monster Jam Poker Tour has begun as players have all started arriving in the gorgeous south coast of Durban. On behalf of the blogging team and all Monster Jam Staff we would like to welcome you to the beautiful Wild Coast Sun Hotel and Casino. We will be bringing you the updates on all the Tournament action over the next week.

You can find us at the Mtamvuna Conference Hall. Stay tuned, as Wild Coast is sure to be an action packed event. 

Goodluck to all players and may the flop be with you!


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