We Have A Winner!

A huge congratulations to David Rosenthal, who took a convincing win over his peers. He started the final table in the middle of the pack and built his stack all the way to the victory.

Rosenthal’s hand was 8♠ K♦

Rebelo’s hand was 5♥ Q♣

The flop landed A♥ 9♥ 8♥

The turn was 8♦

Lastly, the river was 2♠

Rosenthal won the final hand with trip 8’s.

This was after a very long, hard fought battle between Rosenthal and Rebelo, where Rebelo shoved 2 all-in hands prior, where he won the first on the turn and the second on the river.

Well done to all the players involved here are your final standings and payouts for this event:

1 David Rosenthal R66 393.60
2 Nolan Rebelo R47 174.40
3 Donny Metiv R31 449.60
4 Kevin Kalil R17 472.00
5 Keith Bishop R12 230.40

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